The Pinewood at Rosolina Mare

  • Pineta di Rosolina Mare

The Pinewood

The pinewood, made up of maritime and local pines, is the result of reforestation interventions carried out between the 1940s and 1950s to defend the farming crops and valleys from sea winds which are rich in aerosol. Over time the undergrowth of these formations have spontaneously become enriched with rare elements such as orchids. The presence of holly oak in the undergrowth, at times abundant, shows how these areas have a spontaneous tendency towards forming a Mediterranean type of woods. The pinewood is an excellent place for various plant and animal life to settle. A bird easy to detect in the pinewood is the woodpecker, that can be heard beating on the trunks of decaying plants looking for larvae. There are also numerous other species that nest in the pinewood such as the common cuckoo, nightingale, blackcap and the hoopoe that feeds on the larvae of the processionary caterpillar. Many reptiles and mammals, such as foxes, hares and the sneaky badger, find refuge in this favourable environment. Fallow deer have been sighted in the pinewood which probably came from the nearby island of Albarella. This non-native species can be seen living in a semi-free condition.

Source: Veneto Regional Park Authority of the Po Delta.